About Darren Black

I’m Darren, the owner of behind Animal Knowhow. I have been a pet owner all my life, I have owned your typical cats and dogs, to the more exotic pets such as rats, spiders, snakes, ducks, and terrapins. I love all kinds of animals and I am here to share some of my knowledge and experience I have acquired over the years. All pets deserve their owners love and care.

I was born in Johannesburg, South Africa. We had a large bungalow, the garden was huge and when I was about 4 my parents built a swimming pool – changed days now living in sunny Scotland where the average temperature is around 11 degrees Celsius (51° Fahrenheit).

From as far back to I can remember I have had animals in my life. My parents also owned animals when they were growing up. I have fond memories of my mother bringing home young baby rescues she found in the street or park and hand-rear them until they were ready to be released into the wild again.

I decided to create this website Animal Knowhow when I purchased my latest pets which were three male rats called Moet, Rocky, and Rosie. I named Moet because he is a champagne color, my 6-year-old son named his rat Rocky and my daughter named her rat Rosie – she only 3 after all. Rosie has turned out to be the largest and most dominant of the three funnily enough.

Rocky pinning Moet down and Rosie pretending to be shy