About Us

Welcome to Animal Knowhow, the pet blog creating helpful information for pet owners around the world.

When it comes to owning a pet animal, their health, wellbeing, and care are of the utmost importance. Yet so many pet owners fail to provide for their basic needs. Our mission is to provide owners with the best and most up to date information to be able to care for their loving pets.

Our Story

The Animal Knowhow website was starting in 2019 by Darren Black. Darren has owned several varieties of pets throughout his entire life, from cats and dogs to more exotic like rats, ducks, snakes, terrapins, and spiders.

Darren comes from a background of animal lovers, his parents have also been lucky enough to own pets for most for their lives and his great aunty is passionate about supporting charities like the Soi Dog Foundation and Whale and Dolphin conservation.

The aim of this website is to promote knowledge of how to properly care for animals of all types and help owners create the best possible living environment for their pets.

The driving force behind the creation of this website was the latest purchase of 3 male rats, Moet, Rocky and Rosie (he was named by Darren’s 3-year-old daughter). While researching the latest information on how to care for pet rats, there appeared to be areas where only forums provided useful information.

Rocky pinning Moet down and Rosie acting shy